Saturday, December 26, 2015

Mitzvah Day

On Friday, December 25, 2015, Becca, Brian and I joined hundreds of others at one of the sites for mitzvah day. The mitzvah rooms offered dozens of fun and meaningful volunteer projects hosted by community groups benefiting those in the Baltimore area. We participated with Casey Cares in rolling pajamas for hundreds of critically ill chiller who are in local hospitals. Casey Cares mission is to provide ongoing, uplifting programs with a special touch to critically ill children and their families. We have been one of those families for the past four years. While we can't participate in many of the programs, they find ways to bring some things to us in the home, such as movie and pizza night. We hope the little bit we did yesterday lets them know how important they are in our lives. Thank you Casey Cares for all you do.


Marci Scher said...

Carye George Everett Awesome project to do! We have many pair of pjs from Casey Cares.

Marci Scher said...

Karen Unger Frazier That's so nice!

Mary Fab Schweeeeet!

Thesha Lewis Did I see you on TV?
Marci Weinberg Scher TV was there so maybe.