Monday, August 2, 2010


I was finishing up getting the kids ready for camp this morning,

Mom to Ian: "You are going to sit and slide down the steps."
Ian back to Mom: "I walk down them?"
Mom to Ian: "You want to walk down the steps?"
Ian to Mom: "Yes."

Over to the steps we went. Ian to Mom: "I am scared." Mom to Ian: "I know, how about we just walk down a few and then you sit and slide?" Ian to Mom: "No I walk down all of them." Mom to Ian: "Ok."

We got down about 4 steps and Ian and I decided it was time to sit and slide. He did okay, I did okay but we both decided that 4 steps were enough. We will continue to walk down the steps, but for Ian to initiate wanting to do it was wonderful.

More to come.