Saturday, April 21, 2012

Happy 9th Birthday!!!!

It is hard to believe that it all started 9 years ago at 12:29 & 12:30. Becca Jordan & Ian Alexander decided it was time to see the world. And what a ride it has been for us....lots of joy and happiness....lots of pain and sadness....but isn't that part of parenthood. The good and the bad. We have been working hard not worry about the unknown, as that is one of the hardests parts of our journey.

We are parents of a child with special needs and sometimes the world feels bigger than we ever thought it could be.

Between doctors, surgeons and magical cures of all kinds it is hard to know which direction to turn, and if so, when and where – then at precisely which time?

Then Ian (and Becca) stops us in our tracks with a look that could light up 100 miles. We return to where we started before all of this and remember that the most important thing is love. HOPELights

Here is where our journey has taken us....

These pictures are all from different times of our journey with the kids....
their 1st birthday, when they were 6 months old, almost 2 months old, Becca bothering Ian but then Becca giving him a kiss, Ian's Make-A-Wish trip...Ian waiting for his surprise (this was just the other day when the motorcycles came to visit) and then a picture of the kids on the motorcycle.

 This is just a few of the many places our journey has taken us over the past 9 years...happy birthday sweet Becca and Ian....Mommy and Daddy luv you with all our hearts.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Luray Caverns

After Ian's rough December, Brian and I talked with the kids and together we decided to go on a small trip instead of having birthday parties.
Sunday we loaded the car up and I mean loaded it up...all of Ian's medicines, cough assist machine, nebulizer machine, charger for the wheelchair. All of that and lets not forget the suitcase packed with things everyone else would pack. Once in Virginia, we decided to hit the hotel first ... Since it was was lunch time we did that, then went to the singing tower. The picture with the kids in front of it was not so good, so this is as good as it gets.

We spent a few hours driving Skyline Drive and taking a hike on the ADA path.

The picture of the trees are from the hike....Ian was very upset when he saw all of the down trees. He said they were sad....
The views were breathtaking...Brian had a little bit of trouble looking over at some of them....Becca on the other had loved looking at them. I love the picture of her above looking out.

Then it was off to see the Caverns....the kids excitement was priceless...this is not the best picture, however, it's better then no picture at all.

They loved looking at all the different stones and shapes they made. Ian and Brian said this one was a rocket.  Here are the fried eggs.
After the caverns we did the garden maze ...Brian and I had "fun" pushing Ian through the maze....

It was great to see the joy the kids had when we got to each check point as well as the joy when we went the wrong way and had to go back.

Finally we finished up with the kids doing some "gem" mining...well they decided to look for arrow heads.

The whole trip was a wonderful early birthday for the kids and wonderful memories we will have ...April 22nd will be here before we know it and the kids will be 9....where have the years gone...Happy Early Birthday Becca Jordan and Ian Alexander.