Monday, June 14, 2010


I am still in shock...about a month ago, I applied to see if Ian would qualify for Make-a-Wish. It starts off with my applying for him and then paperwork has to go off to the MD to see if he is eligible...well finally I got a call. Ian is indeed eligible since his disease is progressive. I had not shared this with a soul, not even Brian...well now he knows. Our next step is to get a letter from Make-a-Wish, welcoming Ian to the program and who our wish team will be to help make his wish happen. Now Brian and I need to start playing the "wishing" game with when the wish team come out he has an idea of what his wish will never knows with Ian, just what his wish will be. Stay tuned to see what happens as this unfolds.


mlsbks said...

Ian's face was priceless when we told the kids at dinner about Make a Wish. Now we just have to start working on him with the Wish questions, if you could meet anyone who would it be? if you could go any place, where would it be? if you could be anyone who would it be? if you could buy anything or have anything what would it be? oh let's see what all the answers will be.

Brian said...
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Scot said...

Does he like any specific sport, or there's always Disney or a Disney Cruise. What kinds of stipulations are there? Peter Griffin would use it to get Gumble to Gumble back on the air.... I know, rambling. Let us know.