Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's been a year

Where has the year gone. It is hard to believe July 4th weekend started another part of our journey, which started when the kids were born. This year has changed our lives in ways that most never go through, all the medical tests, all the hopes and dreams, watching Ian go from being fairly independent to completely dependent, the unknown, getting the phone call with the spinal tap results, starting medicine...watching the 1st happen all over again.

This morning brought about another 1st, Ian was able to get his socks off by himself. To most that would be nothing but to Ian, it was hard work; getting his hands and fingers to work the right way. Along with getting his legs in the right position to get the socks off. He worked very hard to accomplish this along with all the hard work he has done over the past few months and all the hard work he has ahead of him...thank you to Ian and Becca for helping Brian and I to put things in perspective and for the most part keeping them that way. We love them both with all our hearts...there are not enough words to express just how much.


Scot said...

Very touching post Marci

Anonymous said...

Not really sure what really keeps Ian going day in and day out, let alone the two of us. But he seems to keep that enthusiasm and funny way about him that you cant help but fall in love with immediately. He is such an inspiration to see just how hard he works at most things even when he doesnt want to at times. Just to see his excitement when he does the simplest of things, that we take for granted. For example, when he needs to lift his leg back for us to wash in the bathtub, it takes him what seems like minutes just to get himself positioned enough to support himself and when he does, he is so proud that he says, see i can do this, its not that hard. And it just makes my heart jump. And lets not forget the little princess diva herself. Without Becca, Marci and I would lose our minds. Without even asking she does things for him and to see the two of them interact the way they do at times it amazing. You can see the love and caring they each have for each other. As well as the sibling rivalry. But just as Marci said, words can never express our love for them and how deep it runs. Brian

YOUniquelyFun said...

Congrats Ian! That is so exciting Marci! Hugs to all of you XOXO