Saturday, July 21, 2012

Camp Oest 7/11 - 7/14 2012

Well it has been a week now since Ian and I went to cub scout camp called Camp Oest.  Oest, is the BSA Nationally accredited resident Cub Scout summer camp of the Baltimore Area Council, Boy Scouts of America.  As opposed to Day Camps, Camp Oest is a complete outdoor program, activities that included Nature, Shooting Sports (Archery and BB Shooting), Handi Craft, Boating and Pool. 

Ian had a great time experiencing everything they had to offer at Camp Oest.  The staff there was amazing and assisted in anything and everything Ian needed help with.  I can't begin to explain how much fun we had there together and sharing this experience with him was incredible as well. 

Here are some pictures of our activities during the four day session.

The staff set us up with a room in the Admin Building.  Mainly because of needing the electric outlets for Ian's cough assist and chest PT vest.  They even put up a little sign on the door that clearly stated Ian's Quarters.

First evening welcoming camp fire.  This thing was HUGE as you can see.

 I think these two pictures were Ian's most favorite activities of all during Camp Oest.  The picture to the left shows two staff members assisting Ian in his archery activity.  Whereas, the picture below and to the right shows Ian preparing himself to do some BB shooting. 

So many different activities, so many pictures and so much to say about the entire experience that I could just go on and on with pictures and captions.  Besides the ones above, Ian and I went boating with our pack one day.  There we played a game of capture the flag which turned in to more of the game of splash as much as possible.  After we got back to the dock and out of the boat, Ian looked at me and said, "Daddy you were smart for taking your shirt off."  Because we got drenched.  He also helped the pack light a camp fire by using a long stick with some twine wrapped on the end that one of the staff members made for him so he could be involved.  

Again, I can't say enough about the whole experience...from the staff at Oest, to the other members of Pack 143.....this experience with Ian....will last forever and a day.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I woke up thinking of him today--don't know why--and was really happy to see this. Ian has some wonderful people in his life, you being at the top of the list!


Anonymous said...

it sounds as though you both had a really good time. tell Ian that I can't believe he held the snake ----YUK!!!!!

Nana S...

Anonymous said...

Excellent Blog!

If you could email the photos...especially the two of the shooting sports staff with Ian. I would like to send a note to Oest with pics.

Mama Jenn

Anonymous said...

So glad Ian and Brian got to do something so fun and memorable!! Jo

Anonymous said...

The archery activity sure looks like fun!
Hazzan Perlman

Cori Bednarek Major said...

That sounds like such a great experience!

Wanda Kuperus said...

Oest the Most!

Helene Chupnick-Blankfeld said...

Amazing! What a great experience for both of them.