Monday, July 2, 2012

January 2, 2012

It's hard to believe that kids go back to school tomorrow after winter you all know, we did not spend winter break together but we did get go bring in the New Year together and that was wonderful. Becca and Ian were happy to see each other...gave each other the biggests hug I have seen them give each other in a very long time. They told each other how much they missed each other and loved each other...we will hold that one dear as who knows when it will happen again. Sunday, we just relaxed around the house for the most part. My parents came over to see dad, "Pop", had been recovering from his own stuff and his MD's would not let him come to the hosptial to see Ian....this was very hard on both of yesterday, Sunday, Jan. 1st was the 1st time they had seen each other since Ian started getting sick and ended up in Hopkins. It was another great reunion. The two of them were both back up to their normal stuff...
Sunday afternoon, Becca and I went to my sisters for our family Hanukah was good to be out and about even if it was not all of us. Then Becca and I came home, the 4 of us watched the Ravens game...way to go...
Today, have been another quite day. Ian is making good progress...he has been sitting in his wheel chair...even drove himself around the house a little bit, stood in his stander for a little bit (watching Diary of a Whimpy Kid and started dancing to the music). He has been eating well (for the most part) and playing on his mobigo. We even started doing some of his missed school work.
Tomorrow, Becca will go back to school, Brian will go to work and Ian and I will stay home. I plan on making lots of phone calls to doctors to make appointments and try to get him back into physical/occupational therapy an extra day this week. Just continuing to take it one day at a time and working with him as well as the whole family to get back to life.
Have a happy and healthy new year everyone...more to come on our superhero "Ian."

I'm so glad Ian's home! Tell him that Isaac and I send our love:) --Abigail Woloff

We are always here for you...Love you guys..Alison Pascucci Sapperstein  

Call me when you get a chance! Tell Ian hello and give him a big hug from me. Trish Redding

Happy New Year Ian! You are a real trooper! The class cannot wait to see you! You will have two new classmates when you return- Jaila whom you "met" on the video and Damon. Nichele Arruda

glad all is going well. I want both of you to know that I really think you are the greatest.
Love, Aunt Leslie  

So glad Ian is home and back with the ones he loves so much.
Happy and Healthy 2012!
Love, Miriam Foss  

So very happy Ian is doing so well. Great way to start the new year. Keep up the great work. --Susan Ritmiller\\

lcome Home, Ian! So glad you are all back together again at home. We look forward to seeing you at Chizuk in the very near future!
Marsha Yoffe

great news!
love Jenny Baker

Hi everyone........a happy and a healthy New Year to good to hear that Ian is home with the rest of you and that he is doing's wonderful to see what a happy and loving family you have ....enjoy the new year!, Uncle Bruce

Welcome home! I'm happy to hear that Ian is home. One day at a time! --Tamara Flax

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