Monday, July 2, 2012

January 6, 2012

Well the week has been good, Ian continues to work hard to gain his strength back. He went to the doctor and was given the go ahead to go back to school...when he was up to it or we thought he was up to it. He spent most of this week home with many different people. He watched TV, played games, napped, even stood in his stander for a little bit. This week we celebrated Pop's 70th birthday and it was great to have all of his kids around him as he blew out the candles...I did make everyone use hand sanitizer as they walked into the house...
For two hours today, everyone was back to their old got it, Ian went to school. He did great, lots of people were very happy to see him and he got lots of hugs. After 2 hours, he told his teacher that he was very tired and wanted to go home...glad he can advocate for himself. We will continue to work on him getting stronger, he will go to Hebrew school on Sunday and back to school on is for it being more then 2 hours but we will take what we can get.
Everyone enjoy the weekend.

good for him and for you. Glad some of the routines are getting back. --Annelise Sullivan

So glad Ian is back with family and friends!
Love, Miriam Foss

Glad to hear of the improvement! Hang in there! Jenny & Andy Dansicker

Yay! Wonderful news. --Melissa Willen  

So happy to hear such great news! --Stacy Lunenfeld

Good news! --Tamara Flax

That's great news!! Txs for the update. --Claudia Gonzalez

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