Monday, July 2, 2012

January 8, 2012

Weekend was a hit...Ian spent all day inside on Saturday resting, did a little bit of reading...played Candy Land and started to play Sorry with Brian and I...Becca was at a play date (thanks Leslie and Michelle). He did great with both games and even told us when he needed to stop to rest. Saturday night we went out to dinner and he did well then also.
Today, he went back to Hebrew School and did great. Lasted all 3 hours with out saying he needed to come home. You could tell afterwards he was a little tired but he pushed through some until we could get him home around 1:20. Then he told me he needed his cough assist...I love that he is getting more proactive with telling us what he needs. He rested a little bit and then after dinner reminded Brian and I, numerous times, that we needed to finish our Sorry game...and you got it he won.
Take a look at the photos and the wonderful poster Ms. Cathy, Mr. Jim, Joey and Jillian made for Ian..

So happy to hear Ian is doing better and becoming stronger. --Shara Freeman

Great to hear this!! I'm so glad Ian is doing so well and you guys are getting back to normal! --Audrey Kline

This is great! So glad to hear that Ian is doing so well. Marci, I'm sorry I didn't get to stop by on Friday. I'll try tomorrow. -- jamie leboe

Love weekends like that. We love Sorry over here....we have the Disney version and we play it all the time. Glad to hear Ian is feeling better. --Maureen Herban

I'm so glad things are getting back to normal with you guys. And what's with the kids beating us at these games?? Logan got me at Scrabble AND Yahtzee last week! --Elena French

This is wonderful news!Glad to hear that Ian made it through Hebrew school. Keep up the good work! --Tamara Flax

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Helene Chupnick-Blankfeld There are other pieces of adaptive equipment for swimming too but looks like you guys figured it out. It's nice to see him in the water!

Tara Webb Yay Ian! I am so happy that you were able to find something that helped him turn his fear back into love for swimming. :)

Kendra Bober :) thanks for the smile!

Samantha Gitli Schaefer Awesome!