Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bath Chair Update

Many thanks to Tara for starting the petition, to everyone who signed it, and for all the wonderful support from near and what is going on with the bath make a long story short...when we first ordered a bath chair for Ian we ordered one which could also be used as a transfer chair, however, with this chair in the bathroom, we could not move around to bath Ian...and he was not even in the chair. So we were told by the vendor they would take care of it and order us a chair (not one to be used as a transfer chair as well). With the whole denial process going on Brian and I started to wonder how the bath chair we had cost over $2,000...we did a little bit of research on line and realized we were being charged for the original bath chair. We learned some other interesting things which have been resolved with the vendor and BCBS...the vendor is now submitting a claim to BCBS for the chair we do have....we are still expecting for the chair to be denied as it is considered a convenience item. So the bath chair saga continues but until we get the denial for the correct chair we have to wait...

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Anonymous said...

Scot Lippenholz I posted the petition on all the BCBS sites on FB... lmao :)

Marci Weinberg Scher Now Scot Lippenholz that is great...and only you would have thought of that....did you ever go back and check to see if they did anything?

Scot Lippenholz Several took it off, but I put it back for them. A couple times

Marci Weinberg Scher Now that is good...xo