Tuesday, January 8, 2013

6:00 X-Ray, January 8, 2013

Well the x-ray results are in and there has been a change....not for the is not as easy to see the shadow of the his bi-pap settings have been increased back where they were this morning. He will remain on the full face mask...they will do blood work around midnight as well another chest x-ray in the morning to see what he has done over night.

Ian is getting his bath, his bed sheets changed and ready to hit the hay. I already have my bed out and made...and going to shut down in about 10 minutes and hit the hay as well...

Good night all...have a wonderful night. Sleep tight...because we going to sleep tonight.


sarah said...

I pray that you an Ian have a peaceful and restful night sleep, and that those antibiotics kick in and he is on the upswing in the morning. You are such an amazing and strong woman/mom/wife, your family is so lucky to have you. (((hugs)))

Debbie said...

Thinking of you all and sending good sleep karma your way! That's a big saying around here, "good sleep karma!" Hope it finds it's way to you. You are in our hearts and thoughts.

mrskb said...

I agree with your friend Sarah, you are such an amazing woman/mom/wife and I am sending all of my healing thoughts and prayers Ian's way.

Anonymous said...

Carrie Levin Weitzman Ian is in my thoughts and prayers!

Lanaye Hoover Ian is in my thoughts!!!

Kendra Bober (((Hugs to all of you!!))) thanks for keeping us are in our thoughts!

Anne Polakoff King No need to contact anyone with updates. Just the blog. We all know where your energies need to be.

Helen Weisman Dagilis Oh Marci, so sorry it was such a rough night. Sending our healing thoughts and prayers your way.

Michele Trager Heller Please let me know if there is anything we can do to help.

Julie Goldman Egleston I'm sending lots and lots of hugs! I am so sorry you all are going through this. We continue to send our thoughts and prayers your way!!!
Laurie Fox Schimmel Do you need anything?? Ian is in my thoughts!!

Jennifer Larsen Orlando Thinking of you

Stacy Berman Lunenfeld Oy Marci! I am sooooo sorry! I can't even imagine what you are going through. You, Ian, Brian and Becca are in my thoughts. If I can be of any help just say the word.

Barbara Paige Hugs ((((( <3)))))

Jill Rosenthal <3

Ann Brown Gorton <3 xoxo thoughts and prayers.

Melissa Winter Banks Marci, Dov and I are thinking of all of you and sending positive thoughts to all 4 of you.

Karen Lippy Maimone Sending good thoughts your way! Please call if you need anything, whatever time!

Paige Weinberg Schwartz Sending all my love, prayers and positive energy.

Samantha Gitli Schaefer I am so sorry last night was so rough. Hoping for a better night for all of you. Sending our love and healing thoughts to Ian.

Amy Eisenberg Samay I'm so glad the latest chest x-ray showed improvement, and hope you have a restful night.

Tara Webb Ian is such a trooper and great job for knowing (and telling you) that something wasn't right! I hope he (and everyone) has a great night and that he gets better fast.

Robin Gertner Kushner So sorry to hear you & Ian had a rough night! Thinking about you and your family! Hopefully you will have a better night tonight.

Tara Donnelly-Walulik Hey Marci, so sorry that your little guy is having so much trouble. My thoughts and prayers are with you!

Tamara Jayne Flax Kids know when something is not right. Ian knows his body. You are in my thoughts and prayers Ian!

Lara Wynne Keeping Ian and you all in our thoughts and prayers! Please tell him Ms. B's class is missing him and can't wait for him to be back with them.

Jill Gerber Katz Shannen wanted to wish a speedy recovery to Ian and hopes he comes back home soon! She tells me that he is like everyone's brother and he is missed by everyone at school! Ian and all of you are constantly in our thoughts and prayers! You are all an inspiration to all of us!

Kerri Hayman Farrell I am so sorry to hear Ian had such a rough night! I hope tonight is much better for him. You are all in my thoughts and prayers!

Emily Michelson Levin I'm sorry that Ian (& all of you) had such a challenging night but am glad that things seem to be improving. Keep it up Ian! Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

Sandra Chupnick Hope things get better real soon