Friday, January 11, 2013

And we are out....January 11, 2013

Well Ian is back in his room....starting to recover....everything went okay. They did the bronchoscopy and PICC line in the OR. They were not able to place the ND-tube in the OR so they placed NG tube.  The bronchoscopy results...they did not find as much mucous as they were hoping; they did get a good amount out. His right lung looked good and healthy, however his left lung not so much. It was brittle, delicate and floppy; needs more pressure to open it back up. They were able to place the ND tube when he got back into his room. He is currently intubated and relatively calm. They are planning on trying to extubate him later this afternoon depending on how he is the doctor said....Ian will take the lead and we will follow him.

Again thank you again for all the texts, emails and calls.


Debbie said...

Lots of love to you all! You are in our thoughts and prayers!!!!

Sharyn Stein said...

Marci, Thanks so much for telling me about the blog, I've called school the last few days for the update. You are all in my heart and in my prayers. Love, Sharyn

Anonymous said...

Connie Rosenthal Berman Love to you all!!!! Xoxo

Bonnie Douglas Ertel Thinking of you sending prayers your way!

Helen Weisman Dagilis Glad he is out! Thinking of you!!

Shara Freeman Wonderful! Still sending strong prayers your way every day.

Audrey D Kline Glad he is out. Hugs to you.

Laurie Fox Schimmel Glad he is out!! Thinking of you!!

Stacy Glick Alperstein Great news! Thinking of your family

Tamara Jayne Flax This is good news. One step at a time!

Jennifer Larsen Orlando Good news, as always thinking of you all!

Lara Wynne So glad! Hang in there.

Melissa Klawans Cohen Great news!!

Courtney Givens Gotlin So wonderful to hear that Ian is doing better. Thinking of your family and saying prayers for Ian's continued progress. Xoxo

Adam Ziman Awesome news!!

Anne Polakoff King Thinking of all of you.

Lanaye Hoover Been thinking about you all day!! Saw Becca today and she seemed happy!

Laurie Slatow Isaacson We're thinking about Ian and all of you and just hoping for the best. Stay strong- you're amazing.

Lisa McCarville D'Antonio (((HUGS and PRAYERS)))

Emily Michelson Levin So glad to read the encouraging report. Thinking of you all and keeping the prayers coming.

Jill Gerber Katz Please tell Ian that Shannen wishes he gets better soon! Ian and all of you are constantly in our thoughts and prayers!

Dave Collins Please give Ian high fives from Ryan and all the Collins'