Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Another Bron and CT scan

For a quick update ...they have to do another bron and cat scan of his heart. Ian has been having elevated blood pressures and all the tests on the kidneys have been normal.  He had an echocardiogram this the next step in finding answers to the blood pressure is the CT scan.  Since he has to be sedated and intubated for the CT scan, they are going to do the bron as well as his left lung is still pretty much collapsed.  


Amy Marie said...

Ian is in my prayers! Thanks so much for keeping the blog updated so I can check back and see how he's doing! Hope he feels better soon.
Amy Leber

B.Paige said...

You, Brian and Becca are very close in thoughts and our hearts. We are sending I an lots of love and healing prayers, and spiderman strength! We have got some really big hugs waitng for you too! Take care of yourselves and please let us know how we can help or support you in any way.

((((((( <3 )))))) sending you lots of love and positive stuff!
Barbara, Linda and Manny Paige

Anonymous said...

Lisa Goldberg Burgunder I hope it all goes smoothly. As always, thinking of you, Ian, Becca, and Brian.

Julie Goldman Egleston Marci, I hope everything goes well!!! As always we are thinking about you!!! <3

Amie Roy Kowal I am praying for your family

Helen Weisman Dagilis Hope it all goes well. Thinking of you all.

Elena Lucini French Hey... I'm in Florida this week for work but I have been keeping up and continue to send tons of positive thoughts and love Ian's way. Thanks for keeping us updated and please let us know how he does.

Connie Rosenthal Berman Lots of love and prayers! <3 Greg and the 3 Curlz

Stephanie Leibowitz Weinstein hope all goes well, thinking of you guys always!

Rebecca Goldstein Hope everything goes well. Our thoughts are with your family. I have been hearing updates from my mom from your mom.

Lanaye Hoover Hope all goes well. Thinking of you all!!

Tamara Jayne Flax Hope everything goes well. Hugs to you!

Susan Ritmiller Praying all goes well for Ian. Thanks for the blog updates.

Nancy Polack Kaplan I can't access the blog. Is it www.Mls

Tamara Jayne Flax

Nancy Polack Kaplan Thanks. Praying for Ian all the time.