Sunday, January 6, 2013

Back At Hopkins January 6, 2013

Well we tried....Ian has been fighting a cold for about 2 weeks and during that time frame we had gotten quite a few calls from school that he was not able to clear himself and needed cough assist. So I left work, went home got his cough assist machine and off to school I went. Well I got 4 (I think) more calls over the 2 weeks about the same thing, except we got smart after the 2nd one and I took the cough assist to school with him. Even with it at school, Ian was still not able to clear himself and needed to come home for some airway clearance at home...Thursday we were doing well after bringing him home to clear on Friday it was off to school. Friday after only being at school for a few hours we got a phone call. We did well for the early afternoon but then late afternoon, early evening...he started to have more airway clearance issues....Brian and I were doing a lot of cough assist and suctioning....we were up with him thru the night....I think we finally were able to get some sleep at 5:00am....Saturday, Ian was a little bit more comfortable, we used his bi-pap during the day to help him stay more comfortable but still needed to do some cough assist and suctioning. Well around 7:30, Brian and I had our neighbor come over...he's a respiratory therapists and we have used him alot.... we decided that even though his oxygen level did not drop to a concerning level, we were better to bring him into the ER and have him checked out. We knew we could not manage another night like Friday we packed up and off Ian, Becca, Brian and I went....Hopkins ER bound. So after a few tests and conversations with the pulmonary MD's it was decided Ian would be admitted to the floor for observation...his chest x-ray did not show pneumonia and at this point his virus swabs are not showing any viruses....all of this is good...however, he did start running a fever this morning (it has broken with medicine)...he has been getting cough assist and suctioning...and getting lots of gunk for now we are staying put at Hopkins....where Ian will continue to get more of what he needs...

I will continue update as often as I can....thank you for all the facebook messages, phone calls and text messages so far...we are doing well....Brian got to go to the Ravens Playoff game....and they won....our wonderful friend Jami came to sit with me after my parents left to go spend time with Becca...and Becca is hanging with my sister and family until I leave to get her and go home for the night....everyone have a great night...

Treasure yesterday, Dream of Tomorrow, But Live for Today.



Anonymous said...

Thinking about you guys. Give Ian hugs and kisses from us.
Mitch, Barbara, Hannah, & Makaela

Debbie said...

So sorry to hear all this Marci! We also have The Vest from Hillrom. I would look into this for Ian. It's a machine that does percussion therapy for him. It's been a wonderful tool for Amelia. Also, why are you not getting nursing for him? The criteria that BC uses is suctioning. With all the suctioning we do for Amelia she qualifies. We have something like 68 hours weekly of nursing. I would fight for your life for this! Ask the social worker at Hopkins who is your contact to put in for nursing for you thru your insurance! This is the best time for you to establish your need for nursing! The drs. there can write the script. And I'm sure you've already put in for Case Mgmt. thru your insurance -- get the request into their notes as well.

Call me if you have questions! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Jay Weiner Thinking of you--and, as always, thanks for sharing with all of us.

Julie Onnembo Hugs!

Leslie Remler Moss hugs and kisses to all of you.

Jennifer Larsen Orlando Thinking of you all

Sheri Pazornik Goldscher Thoughts, prayers, and big hugs...

Kim Brandwin The Brandwin's are sending our healing thoughts and prayers our way!

Anne Polakoff King Only positive thoughts for you.

Sheryl Levy Mowrey Thinking of you guys.....please let me know if I can do anything at all for you!!!

Heather Lev Big hugs to Ian. Hoping for a speedy recovery. :)