Thursday, January 24, 2013

Delay Update from Wednesday, January 23 into Thursday, January 24

So overall yesterday was a good day....the doctors decided to try a different approach with the ventulator settings and such throughout today and possibly next couple of days to really optimize what Ian's lung can and can't do. That being said we are most likely looking at a few more days of intubation. We all want to give Ian the best chance for extubation and success afterwards. Ian's white blood count has come down, so the antibiotics are working, all a good thing. He continues to remain comfortable and has gotten pretty good at communicating with us....every once in a while you will see his hand start to hit the side rail....his eyes say so much. I never realized how much one can talk thru their eyes. We have begun talking with the doctors about possilbe length of stay, there are many factors which play into this, we are looking at a minimum of 2-3 weeks depending on how Ian's body continues to heal. A trach has been a continued conversation with many of the doctors as well as between Brian and I and other family memebers.

The pain doctors are continuing to work on his feet and leg pain. One of his medicins has been discontinued in the hopes of an anxiety medicine can be started. We will just have to wait and see how that all plays out along with everything else.

As for was Wednesday, BINGO....Ian played with Brian and Nana...and won another remote control car, a thunder tumbler rally car....can't wait until we get home for him to play with out....Andrew, Logan, Avinoam and Ryan....a few more cars to play with.

Ian got out of bed into his wheelchair for about 20-30 minutes yesterday. He did well, however, all the movement and change of position stirred up some more gunk....his numbers did fluctuate and the respitory therapists got alot of gunk out. After that he spent the rest of the day/evening with daddy...

I have contacted school and will begin working on the paper work for to start home and hospital. Ian has to be out of school for 4 weeks in order for this to start, since we are in week 3....we can get it moving.

As for today, Thursday, January 24th, we just finished rounds and they are doing another bronchoscopy, with the anticipation of extubation. Brian has seen his x-ray from this morning and said it looks good, slight improvement...we have gotten pretty good at knowing what they mean....but we are still not the doctors. It was explained to us that there are 3 airways which go into the lower lung...from what they can see in the x-ray, 1 is open and getting air thru but the other 2 don't seem to be. They are hoping to clear out any mucus plugs in the way of those 2....the other possibility is that there are no plugs and he is further along in the virus process and this just maybe the way his lungs we will just have to wait and see....

We are looking at 30 minutes for them to get started.....

Sometimes the hardest part isn't letting go but rather learning to start over; only time will tell what our "new normal" will be.


Anonymous said...

than you for the update, Marci! Congrats on cars once home will be a lot of fun. we are all crossing our fingers for a promising "new normal." Hope your evening is good. Thanks to Brian for his inspiring words yesterday, and when HE (Brian) needs some help, there are a lot of us who can help pick him up, too. See you soon! Shannon A.

Anonymous said...

Debi Gersh Van Camp XO to all of you

Stacy Berman Lunenfeld Stay strong! We are always thinking about you all.

Jill Eisenberg thinking of you guys!

Kendra Bober Warm thoughts to you...<3

Annelise Sullivan Keep making him smile! Still praying for you all