Wednesday, January 9, 2013

January 9, 2013

Well true to form, Ian was up last night until 4am....yup it was my night at the hospital.  He could not get comfortable and was in alot of foot pain.  This all has nothing to do with his pneumonia .... we go thru nights like this at home as well.
In additional, having someone come in the room every 2 hours to do something to you does not make it so easy to sleep. So Ian and I sleep on and off from 4 till 10.

Ian did have 2 more X-rays done today. The 1st one was done early in the morning and did not show any difference from yesterdays. The 2nd one was done mid-afternoon because the RT worked him very hard causing him to have some sat issues so they wanted to make sure nothing changed...this one was a little better then the morning one.  They also decided to do a 10 day course of antibiotics ... his cultures are still pending but based on clinical findings they are making this change. 

So other exciting things about today, Ian got to play bingo...the 1st game he was sleeping so I played for him...we won...he got a remote control car. The 2nd game he was awake for...we did not win. The 3rd game was a boys game, Brian played with him. Well they sort of won...what you say how do you sort of win--Ian had 2 ways he could win and his TV died....yup TV died. Well when you are playing thru your TV that causes an issue. So I called the bingo room and because of the TV situation he won....he picked Cars Monopoly.  I am hoping we get to play tomorrow.  In addition because of the TV situation his room was changed...not having a working TV would be bad for Ian as well as for Brian and I...

Tonight I am sleeping home ....Becca is sound asleep and has been doing well. I was told tonight that she was talking about Ian alot today at school ...when I said something to her...she came and gave me a hug and told me that she misses my baby girl....thank you to all who have offered to help out with her and to those who have helped out with her....we are not coming home any time soon. So if you have offered don't worry I may be taking you up on that offer. :-)

Remember treasure yesterday, dream of tomorrow but live today.

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Denise said...

It's hard to get rest at the hospital. I hope Ian starts to feel better soon. Again, please let me know if you guys need anything.