Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Night and Today, Third Time is a Charm; January 16 or Day 11

Last night went well, considering....they intubated, did the bronchoscopy and the CT scan. The intubation and bronchoscopy went well. The MD's got a lot of thick gunk out, they said it was so thick it stuck to the tube. It looked like they were able to clean him out pretty well. Then it was off for the CT scan. That went well...results were back in and everything with his heart is normal. As for the high blood pressure, right now it is stable due to all the other medicine he is on. In addition, the CT scan showed that the lower left lung was open, at least more open then what showed on the X-ray. The MD did tell us that the CT scan gives better views then the X-ray however you can't always go to the CT scan, especially since Ian is having at least 1 - 2 a day. After the bronchoscopy and CT scan were done, they did another chest X-ray, which did not show as much improvement as they were hoping. They decided to keep him intubated for a few more hours to do another chest X-ray, well that X-ray was not as good as they were hoping either, however, it did show marked improvement. So, Ian stayed intubated thru the night, getting another X-ray in the morning (that would be today). This X-ray also showed some improvement but still not as good as they were hoping. So bronchoscopy number 3 was this morning. Dr. McGinley (Ian's pulmonogolist), has been the one doing the last 2 bronchoscopes. After this mornings, it was a little bit thinner then yesterday but they also started him on mucinx last night to help thin him out....another X-ray was done, again there was some improvement but still not as much. This one was only an hour after the bronchoscopy and as Dr. McGinley had just finished pissed off his lung (my words), they wanted to give them a little bit more time before deciding on extubation. So that brings us to now....5:30...he is getting another X-ray around 6:00 and will decide then on what to do....


B.Paige said...

You, Brian and Becca are very close in thoughts and our hearts. We are sending I an lots of love and healing prayers, and spiderman strength! We have got some really big hugs waitng for you too! Take care of yourselves and please let us know how we can help or support you in any way.

((((((( <3 )))))) sending you lots of love and positive stuff!
Barbara, Linda and Manny Paige

Anonymous said...

Thinking about Ian and your family often. Sending you all lots of positive thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Carye George Everett Thinking about you!

Annelise Sullivan Hoping 6 o'clock brought good news

Julie Goldman Egleston I'm so hoping you all got good news!!

Tamara Jayne Flax Thinking of you!!

Kendra Bober Thoughts and love to you!!