Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ian handled the bronchoscopy went well today. The doctors did not get a much gunk as they were hoping. There did not seem to be any major plugs like they were hoping. While doing the bronchoscopy, they did a test to see what his lungs could handle by playing with the vent settings. This did show that when the settings were lowered Ian's left lung did seem to start to collapse and when the settings were raised his lung seemed to function better. While in our guts, we know what this means, we have not had any formal conversations with doctors, we don't know what this means or where we go from here.....everyone have a good night. I am off to sit with Ian and watch a movie.... 

Who does he look like? This was not planned, it was done by the nurse.


Denise said...

I had to smile at the picture. I think Mark may have Spiderman DVDs if you would like to borrow them :)

Anonymous said...

Jay Weiner As ever, thinking of you. Hugs and good thoughts!!

Ann Brown Gorton <3 <3 <3 <3

Lanaye Hoover You are all amazing!!! Continuing to think about all of you a lot!!

Laurie Fox Schimmel you continue to inspire me! lots of love!!!xoxo

Samantha Gitli Schaefer Hoping for a restful night for Ian and all of you. Always in our thoughts.

Heather Lev such a cute pic!!! wishing for a easy evening.

Stephanie Leibowitz Weinstein XOXOXO!!!!

Rachel Schreiber Levitan More hugs for all of you. Hope you get some rest.

Tamara Jayne Flax Thank you for all of the updates. Enjoy the movie. Ian, have a peaceful night.

Traci Kodeck Love the Spider-Man !! keep us posted on your super hero!

Nuchie Zirkind Ian is in our thought and prayers.. Stay strong!!

Audrey D Kline Hugs and hugs and hugs to all of you.

Alexandra Kaplan Pratz I'm sharing your blog "things you should know about a special needs family" to my Aunt on my mom's side of the fam - my cousin Jeff has Cystic Fibrosis, and his step-brother has muscular dystrophy. We only wish the best for Ian and so sad to see you all go through this :-( but he is an unbelievable fighter! :-)
- xoxo The Kaplan Cousins

Sharyn Rosenberg Stein I'm sending you and Ian all of my positive thoughts