Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Win

A very happy Ian...Ravens won the Super Bowl.. .


B.Paige said...

Yeah Ian! What a beautiful smile :)

amy said...

So glad Ian is progressing! Hope you got Andrew's text last week, he wanted you to know his good news.

Anonymous said...

Karen Lippy Maimone :-) This made my night! Better than the win!

Emily Isaacs Dugan Ian and your family deserve this happiness! Enjoy!

Claudia Gonzalez I thought of Ian. Happy to see him smiling :)

Audrey D Kline Love that smile!

Jessica Woolf Dorsey Love him! Give him mother Eva lick!!!

Jessica Woolf Dorsey Another not mother lol

Marci Weinberg Scher Jessica Woolf Dorsey I will be all over that tomorrow.

Melissa Winter Banks That makes this win even more special!!

Stephanie Cox Durfee Glad the ravens won for that sweet Angel !!

Carolyn Horn Sawaya thought of Ian through the whole game. Smiled when they won!