Monday, February 18, 2013

President Weekend News

The weekend was a good one, relaxing in many ways. Friday night, I got to have a date with Ian...we spent the night watching movies and holding hands. Brian and Becca got to play Harry Potter Clue with one of our who done it...when asked they could not remember, nor could they remember where but did remember it was with the broomstick. 

Saturday and into Sunday morning, Becca and I went cabin camping with girl scouts. It was a change of pace for us...cold, lots of laughing little girls who did not want to go to sleep. During the campfire ceremony, the girls participated in a flag retirement ceremony...if you have never seen one or participated in one, it was amazing. Interesting to hear the reasons behind why and how the flag is cut before burning it. Watching the fire as the flag burns to ashes, took me to a place of solitude (at least for a little bit). As did the view...

Brian and Ian spent Saturday hanging out. Ian had speech therapy during which he got to eat half of a you ask him it was the best donut he had ever had. The rest of the day, I think they just chilled out. Brian did spend some time having to suction Ian, and had to do an unexpected trach change. Brian assisted, which is one step in getting him to actually do it. Brian also did a trach tie change. I have watched a few but have not done any yet. So the training is coming along...

Sunday morning, Becca and I went straight to Mt. Washington to see Ian and Brian. When we got there, they were both still in bed...not quite ready to start the day. Ian was a little upset as he thought I was bringing his battleship game with us when we came up...well we did not go home so no battleship game came with me. Ian had a visit from Uncle Eric and Noah....they did not get to spend as much time with Ian as we all would have liked, but a bath and some chest physical therapy got in the way. Once they left so did Brian and Becca, and in came Nana and Pop...Ian was up to his self with them, playing games and getting Nana to hit Pop on the head when he misbehaved. Somethings are already back to normal....our OLD normal. They did not stay long as both Ian and I were tired and a nap was needed. After our naps and dinner, Jodi came to visit...Ian was happy to see her. She hung out with me for a while as Ian was more into watching TV...typical 9 year old.

Today is Presidents Day so no school for the kids. Becca slept at Nana and Pop's last night, did great and Pop even made her breakfast. Then Becca and Nana came to hang out and spend some of the day with Ian, while I came to work for a little bit and Brian did some work at the hospital. Ian will have speech therapy again later today. He is supposed to get into his chair 2-3 times a day for and 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours. Well he got into his chair around 10AM and did not get out until around 1PM. Oh and as you can see....Brian saved the day...he brought battleship down.

The rest of the week will be more therapies, getting back into the swing of school (how many kids can say their teacher and school work come to them), spending more time sitting in his chair, having a visit from his Tobii rep to work on getting his eye gaze working correctly...and who knows what else. 

Looking forward to the next few days being good ones.


Anonymous said...

awesome smiley picture! love it. also love the idea/pics with the therapy dog. how wonderful for both of them...Ian and Yuba! :) Shannon A

Anonymous said...

Alyssa Faye You continue to be an inspiration to me and I'm so happy to see things going back to "normal." Both those smiles are so beautiful to see!

Stacy Berman Lunenfeld I live the picture of Ian and Becca. He looks amazing!!!!

Audrey D Kline Ian is looking great--so good to see that smile!! Glad things are moving along so well!

Rebecca Goldstein Good to see 2 smiling kids! So glad things are moving along!

Jo-Anne Tucker-Zemlak our love as alwasy

Jodi Postol Ian looks even better sitting in his chair with that big ole grin than he did last night in the bed, and I was super excited to see that heart melting smile!!!