Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday.. February 3, 2013

The past 2 days have been good for Ian. He is adjusting to the trach very well...his x-ray from this morning shows a totally clear left lung. Yesterday, they started to decrease the dexmedetomidine (used for sedation). They are doing this slowly due to the withdrawl, he is also doing well with this. After the surgery, they started him on morphine to help with the pain; the only time he really has needed it was when they are moving him. Over the next few days, they will start to decrease that as well...they don't want decrease that yet until he is off the dexmedetomidine. They are planning on decreasing the pressures on the vent for a little bit today and then put them back up later on today, so he won't have to work as hard when he's sleeping. 

Ian has been laughing, giving raspberries, and mouthing his needs to us. They took the ND tube out when they placed the trach and he has been getting his feeds thru his g-tube again. That is also going well.

We know we have most of this week in the PICU....

For the Super Bowl, Brian and Ian will watch it at the hospital Brian said, can't break tradition...he has been here for the playoff he will be here for Super Bowl. Becca and I will be watching some of the game at Jilly's, most likely until half time before heading home.

Let's Go Ravens....bring it all the way home for Ian....

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