Friday, February 1, 2013

Trach Surgery and Mickey Tube

Well it's over....Ian did a great job with the surgery...the breathing tube is out of his mouth as well as the ND tube is out....the trach and the mickey button are in. It is nice to see Ian without all the tape all over his face...we have even gotten some smiles from him in between him falling back to sleep.


C. Lippenholz said...

Yay Ian! It's so wonderful to see that smile!!!

Jodi Postol said...

I am so happy to see that smile! What a trooper! Here's to the light at the end of this tunnel and Ian coming home!!

Anonymous said...

Heather Lev Awwww, he is smiling!!! xoxo :)

Leslie Kapper Sands He must feel relieved with all of that off of him! Give kisses!

Mitzi Agetstein Spiegelman Looking good. Love that smile :)

Leslie Middleman Toll I hope you are all breathing a little more easily now.

Samantha Gitli Schaefer What a beautiful smile! So happy to see it! :)

Karen Unger Frazier Love to see my Spider-Man loving friend with a smile! Miss his face!

Stacy Berman Lunenfeld He looks amazing! It really is great to see his smiling face.

Julie Goldman Egleston He looks great! So glad things went well today!!!

Helen Weisman Dagilis So happy things went well and that Ian is smiling!

Lauren Kemp Way to go Ian:-) great smile!! Glad all went well!

Kelly Luckabaugh SO glad to see that smile on his face!!

Amy Meyers Steinberg Glad to hear everything went well and he is smiling

Amy Eisenberg Samay Loved seeing that smiling picture of Ian.

Tamara Jayne Flax Awesome smile!

Sherri Eisenberg Flaks Seeing Ian's smile made my day, glad everything went well & I hope lots more great strides follow! And, I can't wait to see the picture you post of Ian when the Raven's win him the Super Bowl!

Lanaye Hoover Yay! Smiling Ian! So great to see!! Glad things went well!

Lisa Lewis So glad he can finally smile again!

Mary Fab That Ian has an awesome smile! Give him a big ol kiss from all of us!

Leslie Remler Moss Wishing the best for all of you. What a great picture!

Kristin Howlett Mazzarese So great to see a smile on his face!

Debi Gersh Van Camp Love the smile!

Annelise Sullivan So glad to see a smile on his face and a light back in his eyes. Hope you get some rest tonight

Helene Chupnick-Blankfeld He looks so much more comfortable.

Laurie Fox Schimmel Love his smiling face!!!!