Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekend of February 23rd

Ian and Becca talking about their next move in Battleship.

This weekend was low key for Ian as far as therapies went ...he had none. We did have lots of visitors this weekend. On Saturday, Uncle David and JoAnne came to visit at the same time Nana and Pop were there.  Becca and I were there on and off during the day as we had haircuts; boy they were needed. Later that evening a special thanks to Daddy, Aunt Susan, Devin and Becca for coming back to visit because Ian was bored.

Ian and Mommy wearing hats for Purim.
Sunday was another busy day for visitors Aunt Jill, Uncle David,  Ben and Logan came to visit and brought a wonderful Spiderman comic book. We can't wait to read it. We also got to play mean game of Sorry...did not get to finish it. When they first got there, they had a hard time finding us....why you ask - Ian got out of the room was not an easy task....lots of things to move around and hooking up portable machines, but priceless to see the smile on Ian's face as he saw the rest of the floor and the pod. Nana and Pop came back and got to hang out as well as did Aunt Susan, Devin and Kiki was great to see all of them together and playing, battleship was game of choice this afternoon. We also had two visitors from Chailife for Purim, Ian also had fun visiting with them as well.

Ian and Pop doing what...who knows, only the two of them do.

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