Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Visit With...

Just to make sure everyone can see... Dr. who the visit was with. For those of you who don't know, Dr. Raymond was Ian's neuro-geneticists since he was 2 years old. Well in December, Dr. Raymond relocated, for him this was great, for us not so great...onto the next picture before sharing the rest of the story.

The wonderful woman in this picture we met thru Dr. Raymond, she was his genetic counselor...well she has not relocated....lucky for us. After going thru the sequencing testing with us and delivering the news about the VRK1 mutation, she has stayed in our lives for many different reasons. Well today she came to visit Ian at Mt. Washington. While we were talking, Ian said that Dr. Raymond came to visit him today...this was news to all of us. So I tried to find out from him if any other adults were in the room when Dr. Raymond stopped by. Ian could not remember, that should of been our first clue that Dr. Raymond really did not come to visit. Well Leila texted Dr. Raymond to find out if maybe he was being sneaky and did not tell some people he was in town....well Dr. Raymond was not being sneaky...he indeed did not come to visit Ian but we decided the 3 of them should be together DR. RAYMOND this one is for you....we miss you and hope you are doing well in your new both Dr. Raymond and Lelia, thank you for coming into our lives and for never giving up until you found out what was going on with Ian....we are looking forward to our next visit with you both.


Gerald Raymond said...

My full text was to give him a hug from me.

I am not certain if my real estate agent here in Minneapolis ever realized that the calls I was taking from the ICU fellow were for Ian back in Baltimore, but one has to have priorities.

Hoping he is home soon.

Marci Scher said...

Luv and miss you Dr. Raymond...and Ian did get your hug...and he gave you one back.

Anonymous said...

love the bright smiley balloon and the bright, smiley IAN! Shannon A.

Anonymous said...

Sheryl Levy Mowrey I was going to be extremely happy for you, and very jealous for me, if Dr. Raymond came to visit you today!! One can only hope to have him back....we miss him very much, too!!! Glad to see that smile on Ian's face.....hoping for all good days ahead!!!

Amy Eisenberg Samay In the last few week, I've seen some of the biggest smiles I've ever seen on Ian's face. It's just wonderful.