Thursday, March 14, 2013

PICU Day 1

Yesterday was a rough day for many different reasons beyond ending up in the ER....

Ian was transferred poorly yesterday and  as a result his right leg is broken. Ian is in a immobilizer and will be followed by outpatient. For many reasons, Ian's bones are brittle and as we were told today he needs to be treated like "china".

Now for the ER/PICU....after dinner last night, Ian was back on the sofa and he began to desat, I had Brian come into the room and he immediately put Ian on oxygen. This did little to help him recover, so we went across the street to get our wonderful RT neighbor...thank  you Mark....he was great. Took over, began bagging Ian while assessing everything else that was going on. For many reasons, 911 was called. Once they got to the house, Mark went to get our other neighbor, Danielle to cover Becca (who had gone upstairs after seeing more then I would have liked her too, however, eventually it was going to happen and she was going to see things)...thank you Danielle. EMTs stabilized him and it was off to Hopkins. In the ER, Ian desated a few more times, however, it recovered much better then at home....Ian remained stable last night and today. He is back down to 21% long as he has a good night they are talking about discharge tomorrow.

Again, a very special thank you to my wonderful neighbors, Mark and Mary, Tim and Danielle, Stephanie and Ellen....we could not have gotten thru last night with out you.

Here is to my superhero having a good night and coming back home tomorrow...XO and sleep tight.


Anonymous said...

Brian was even able to keep a good attitude after all that, telling me you were back in teh hospital because Ian missed everyone there. I don't know how you do it, but like all of us who are parents, we just DO. I am grateful and you are fortunate to have such a great support system! I hope he remains stable and is once again heading home soon! Shannon A.

Anonymous said...

Jay Weiner Hopefully just a brief, minor setback. Easy for me to say, but stay strong. Will be thinking of you all :)

Samantha Gitli Schaefer So sorry for the setback. Hoping tomorrow brings you good news. If you need anything, please let me know. I am around much of the day tomorrow.

Jennifer Larsen Orlando Thinking of you all. Hoping that Ian recovers quickly and is back home soon.

Connie Rosenthal Berman May he have a goodnight!! Xoxo

Susan Schwartz Tanenholz His poor leg. On top of everything else. Love to your family. xx

Barbara Paige Sending you lots of good thoughts!

Anne Polakoff King Wishing you all strength and peace.

Tara Webb Everyone - I am so sorry to hear that Ian had a bad day on top of everything else, his leg is broken too. :( Give lots of hugs to him and tell him the Bears miss him and we all wish him a speedy recovery!!

Jessica Woolf Dorsey Sending peace light and healing mojo to you guys!

Kendra Bober Oh Marci, big hugs to you all...may you all be back together again at home very very soon! Hope Ian is comfortable.

Audrey D Kline Oh gosh, Marci. As if you all haven't been through enough. Thinking of all of you and hoping for a much smoother transfer tomorrow. Hope Becca is ok -- I can only imagine how scary it was for everyone.

Emily Michelson Levin What a roller coaster ride you are on but you all are riding it like champions; rather superheroes. :) I look forward to your updates as I think of you often. I'll continue to keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. xo

Stacy Berman Lunenfeld Praying for a better day tomorrow.

Jenny Schloss Thinking about you guys... I so hope that he has a better night and you too.

Danielle Houseal All four of you are amazingly strong. Keep us updated and don't hesitate to ask for anything you need.

Karen Lippy Maimone Praying for all of you.

Robin Katcoff Sending our love.

Debi Gersh Van Camp Sending xo

Annelise Sullivan Hope he gets to come home soon

Julie Goldman Egleston Praying Ian is able to come home today! Thinking of you all!

Sheri Pazornik Goldscher Oh, Marci... Thoughts and Prayers... xoxo

Amy Eisenberg Samay Sending you our love.

Monique Erdos-Gertner Thinking if u all!