Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Update

Marci asked me to provide a quick weekend update to everyone that follows here.  It was yet another busy, fun filled weekend for all of us.  Saturday Ian got to spend most of the day with Nana and Pop as they were gracious enough to sit with Ian while Marci and I got some not only much needed time together but allowed us to get started on making room for all the new equipment that Ian will need upon his return home.  Also thanks to David for helping me move some things out of the house to our friends house to make the necessary room for other things.  And thanks to Jill and David for allowing Marci and I to "rent" that little corner in your basement.  Feel free to use a bed or two or three was it that we brought

Yesterday brought a wacky and crazy day for us here.  The morning was spent with our friend Sid who brought some special items for Ian.  Sid went to the Super Bowl and brought back some very cool items just for Ian.  I think one of my favorite things was the Super Bowl ticket holder that Sid actually put a family picture in to.  He alsot brought other items for Ian such as some t-shirts, football sticker book, car flag (for his wheelchair I suppose once he starts driving again) and Ian's very own Super Bowl program.  I was glad to see that because he has wanted to see mine and there is no way I am breaking the spine on it.  That baby goes right in to my collection with the other Super Bowl program.  Here is Ian with all his Super Bowl goodies:

Also yesterday Ian had a great time with Uncle Mike, Jen, Kirsten, Hayden, Lucas and Gabe as they came in to visit with Ian now that they are allowed.  At Mt Washington, the age limit is 7, whereas at Johns Hopkins you had to be at least 16.  Seemed like they all had a great time together.  Thanks for coming to spend a little time with us.

However, I would have to say honestly, the highlight of the day was the fact that our son has joined a motorcycle club.  If any of you remember, last year during the summer a friend of ours through cub scouts was able to arrange for about 20 members of his motorcycle club (MCV - Motorcycle Club Five) to come over to the house.  We thought that was the most amazing and special thing anyone could make happen for Ian.  However, they out did themselves this time.  They came, about a dozen people, out to Mt Washington even in the cold and brought Ian his very own vest with the club's cuts (cuts is what they call the clubs patches everyone wears on the back of their jackets).  So as of yesterday afternoon Ian is now an honorary member of MCV. 

Ian in his MCV cuts:


Anonymous said...

Rock-On little MCV brother Ian!!

Anonymous said...

Looking good brother Ian!

Jodi said...

My boyfriend is a badass!!!! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Jay Weiner Awesome!!

Julie Goldman Egleston Fantastic picture!!!!! <3

Laurie Fox Schimmel Wow! Special gifts for a special guy!!

Helen Weisman Dagilis Awesome!

Shelly Thompson Awesome update!!!

Carol Zika So sweet. I can see what a big spirit he has.

Stephanie Rabinowitz He is such a looker!

Stephanie Cox Durfee cant wait to see him!

Alicia Katznelson Broth His smile makes my day!

Amy Sody-Dardick Lookin' good!

Samantha Gitli Schaefer What a fantastic update! Loved the photos!

Melissa Winter Banks Truly awesome, he really is a super star!