Saturday, March 9, 2013

Working Hard

2The past few days have been extremely busy for Brian and I, we have had hours of training, been snowed in at home and the hospital (with not much snow but everything was closed), had many phone calls arranging things. The other night we had Ian's new bed along with some supplies delivered to the house, 13 boxes of medical supplies along with 3 oxygen tanks and an oxygen concentrator. (Ian is not on oxygen at this time but we have to have it in the home in case he does need to go on it.)

Ian has also had a busy few days, continuing to stay strong, had visitors, school, therapies. He also got to take a few breaks from his vent, so far about 3 times he has had 5 minute breaks from the vent. Ian has done great without it and has smiles from ear to ear but he is also happy to go back on. So take a look at what is missing...

Ian has been doing his part to come home...continuing to work hard. Having his school work come to him thru home and hospital, watching TV and movies, meeting new friends, going outside into the garden. 

The other day Ian was put onto his home vent, they like for kids to be on them for about 72 hours before coming home. Ian is doing great with it. I am sure there is more we have all done but it all seems like a blur...

Becca has been working hard as well. She has been helping to get things ready around the house as well. She has been a trooper over the last 10 weeks, going from place to place, not having Brian or I around as much as she would like (this is one major issue regarding having a sibling with special needs). Not only is Ian my hero, so is Becca. 

We have a busy week ahead....discharge meeting and homecoming!!!!!!!

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Stacy Berman Lunenfeld So excited that Ian will be coming home. I'm sure ya

Stacy Berman Lunenfeld That's a huge relief. It was great to see Brian and Becca tonight at the blue and gold! You guys are amazing

Tamara Jayne Flax Wonderful news that Ian is headed home!