Wednesday, April 17, 2013

All Good Things...Back to School

It has been a while, things have been busy and hectic with all good things. We are getting settled in with the nurses, Brian and I are pretty much back to work, school is going well for Becca as well as lacrosse season has started and she is doing well with that. Most of Ian's buddies have been coming back over to visit and play...and he loves that.

And as of tomorrow, Ian will be back in school....yes you all read that correct. The past week I have been working with everyone involved in Ian's care, especially school, to get things ready for him to go back...and the smiles on his face when we talk about school and seeing his friends are priceless. So all that is left now is for lunches to be packed, showers to be taken, clothes to be picked out....and everyone to get a good night sleep. 

Ian and Becca have a great day tomorrow being in school together again. You are both loved and shine in everything you do.

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Anonymous said...

Annelise Sullivan Best news ever! I just told the kids, and they already knew. Apparently mrs C told the school what to expect with him back. They're both excited, and Jonathan in particular as he gets to have specials with Ian

Debi Gersh Van Camp Great news!!!

Heather Lev Yay!!!

Karen Unger Frazier Best news!

Elena Lucini French Woo Hoo!

Kendra Bober Fantastic!

Mary Shimkaveg That's awesome!!

Helen Weisman Dagilis Great news!

Stacy Berman Lunenfeld Amazing news!

Carye George Everett Great news!!

Scot Lippenholz Have a GREAT day in school Ian.

Anne Manger McManus What a wonderful thing after a long journey!:)

Emily Michelson Levin fantastic!

Amy Sody-Dardick awesome news!

Harry Blacker That's great. Glad to hear things are getting better and more back to a normal and that Ian is well enough to head back to school. Our prayers are with you all. So hi to my other cuzins for me. Love and best wishes to all. YOU GO IAN!!!!

Tamara Jayne Flax Wonderful news!

Alan Catlett Awesome!