Thursday, April 18, 2013

Back To School

Today was an amazing day. Everyone was happy and excited to see Ian, just as happy as he was to see everyone at school. We played noises with all of his equipment so the other kids knew what was an ok noise. Ian is only back in school for 1/2 days, he will stay thru lunch and then come home. We are hoping he will continue to get home and hospital for 4 hours a week to cover some of the subjects he will not be getting in school.


We are looking forward to a good 2nd day, good weekend and a great week to come.

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Anonymous said...

Brenda Bforsma Hanson Way to go Ian!!! Keep up the great work!

Gary Williams Marci, forgive me for not knowing this, but is Ian able to speak or does he require a communication device?

Scot Lippenholz Great to hear!

Marci Weinberg Scher Gary Williams, don't apologize....he can speak just very softly and quietly and uses a communication device.

Gary Williams I am glad he has a communication device. I have access to laptops and poss communication device so I just wanted to check. I was in Boston with OJ Brigance last week an we visited a place that helps Als patients stay independent. It was called the Saling center. Let me know if I could help u in the future. G

Gary Williams They have technology now that allows patients to do everything from opening doors to pushing buttons on elevator to pushing in a DVD on a player. Pretty amazing and helps patients stay independent. Take a look at the facility online and if you want an intro to Steve Saling, let me know. He can possibly give you guidance on technology that can help Ian through his communication device.

Anne Manger McManus My favorite part of my day today...Ian seeing me and sticking his tongue out at me and then smiling! As I went to get my class we exchanged sticking out our tongues at each other and smiling! The little things in got to love them!!!Priceless!

Jodi Postol So excited that it went well, and I love the welcome back board!!!

Stacy Berman Lunenfeld That's great! He looks amazing.

Lisa Lewis Yay for Ian!

Denise Beland Burdyck Sound glad to hear of his progress and return to school!!

Tamara Jayne Flax awesome!!!

Connie Rosenthal Berman Yay! What fantastic news

Helene Chupnick-Blankfeld Great to hear it!

Denise Schlachter Mazel !!!

Lara Wynne Emma was sooooo excited to have him back, as everyone else was! Go Ian!!!!

Annelise Sullivan Carrie was so excited to tell me Ian was back to school today, and I know I'll hear all about it from Jonathan when he wakes up in the am

Amy Eisenberg Samay Yay! I bet no child has ever been so excited to go to school and see his buddies!

Bob Moskios Way KOOL!!

Harry Blacker GOOOOOO IAN!!!!!!!!!!!

Alan Catlett Fantastic! Stay cool Ian.