Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Rest Of April - This is a post from April 2013

The end of the month was busy...
Ian just had his appointment with Dr. Sponseller, his leg is completely healed and he is out of his brace. It has made transfering him much easier. He also got xrays of his scoliosis....that has jumped from 45 degrees to 58 degrees in a 6 month we watch it and hope it does not jump any more. Dr. Sponsellor is hoping to hold off on surgery for a few more years. The magic number to NOT get to it 75 degrees.
We celebrated the kids birthday in many ways...first on the 22nd they had a fabulous cake

Thanks to icing smiles and the wonderful volunteer baker Esther. As you can see the kids loved it.

Later that week they also had a small party from their friends at ChaiLine.
Ian also had a visit from his riding instructor ...she brought lots of goodies ...

Isn't the hat great!

He continues to go to school for 1/2 days and loves it. If he would only not be mad at us for not letting him go back full days.

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