Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Girl...

All of my posts are about life for Ian or with Ian...what about his beautiful twin sister, Becca. She does not have the "normal" life one would consider a 10-year-old having. This thought has crossed my mind many times as I have watched all the changes my family has encounted over the years. Just this weekend, we received Ian's monthly supplies. His nurse and I were sorting thru the boxes and both kids wanted to help. Becca started pulling things out...the filters for the cough assist and vent, the water traps,the yankauers; she said as she handed them to us. It amazed me that she knew what everything was but why did it? In one way or another medical supplies have been a part of her "normal" life. She has learned how to set up his feed thru his feeding pump, she has learned how to give him medicine thru his g-tube, how to get the water out of his vent tube and empty the water trap. All of this because she had asked. Some things we do ask of her, what did he say, can you change the channel for him, clean up your room, put away your books (wait that is what other parents say as well).

She is my superhero just as much as he does she handle all of the things she does? How will she continue to handle all that lies in front of her. I don't know the answers to those questions or many others but I do know she is our little girl who continues to amaze us in all she does. The strength she has shown over the years has blown us away yet you can still see the fear in her eyes as our family continues to face all we do.  I do know we will continue to give her all we can and watch her continue to grow into the wonderful person she will become.

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Anonymous said...

Karen Unger Frazier She is an amazing and very sweet little girl. I look forward to seeing her when I'm at school. She always has a smile on her face and something positive to say..<3

Jodi Postol Becca is definitely an amazing girl!!!

Carol Zika What a special young lady. <3

Annelise Sullivan She's always been a very nice girl, and I have no doubt part of her personality comes from having Ian as her brother and twin. You both have raised great kids.

Scot Lippenholz Awesome post Marci Weinberg Scher