Sunday, July 21, 2013

We're really doing it

It is hard to believe that we have spent the week labeling clothes and packing the kids. Becca is off to Florida with her cousins to be spoiled by Nana and Pop-Pop, while Ian is off to Camp Simcha Special. Many mixed emotions run thru me, as well as Brian (I can tell by his actions) as we prepare for this adventure we are all about to take. As I sit here, all the bags are packed minus the last minute things. 

Four days without kids, relaxation ...I am not sure our minds and bodies will know how to handle it, they will be in a state if shock. As I say good bye to Becca in the morning I will have to keep myself together; not sure who I will be doing that for more, myself, Becca or Ian; Brian will have to hold himself together later as he puts her on the plane. Then comes saying good bye to Ian, again I will keep myself together; again not sure who I will be doing that for more, myself or Ian...or maybe even Brian.

I know all of us will make it thru the next 2 weeks as we all enjoy the journey and memories we will make. Before we know it everyone will be home under one room and our "normal" will be here again.

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Anonymous said...

Leslie Kapper Sands Good luck tomorrow . Everything will be great ! Try to relax and enjoy!

Annelise Sullivan Try to enjoy the no kid time.

Sandra Huller very exciting and absolutely awesome! :) everything will be OK! :) <3!

Alicia Katznelson Broth I hope everyone enjoys their perspective adventures to the fullest, especially you, Marci!

Shelly Thompson It sounds like great fun for everyone! Enjoy!!

Rachel Schreiber Levitan Make every minute count...

Tamara Jayne Flax Both kids will have an amazing time. You and Brian enjoy your time together. It will probably seem strange at first, but enjoy it.