Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Magical Night Full of Memories

Who would have thought we would have gone onto a major league baseball field, something few get to do in their lifetime. Well last night, thanks to the Casey Cares Foundation and the Baltimore Orioles, we got to do just that. Ian had the honor of throwing out the 1st pitch at the game last night, it was a magical night full of wonderful memories we won't ever forget. 

Ian with the envelope which had our tickets. It says FIRST PITCH
Our family and some friends along with some Casey Cares Staff who came to watch Ian.

Waiting on the field for the FIRST PITCH to actually happen.

The Bird on the field.

Ian with Daddy and THE BALL after coming off the field.
Actually being on the field waiting for the first pitch to happen was incredible. It was priceless when the Bird came out onto the field. Ian was happy to see him and the Bird was happy to see Ian as well. He was playing with Ian, winding his arm telling him to get ready for the pitch. For me watching Ian drive out onto the field was priceless, seeing Brian help Ian throw out the first pitch, hearing the crowd cheer for Ian when coming off of the field was beyond priceless...seeing Becca jump up and down, cheering Ian on, priceless. Seeing him on the jumbotron was incredible, his smile lite up his face...and it was so clear when watching it on the jumbotron. 

My eyes filled with tears many times during the evening. While walking to our seats afterwards, a few people said nice pitch to Ian. Once at our seats, you could hear people saying things about he's the one who threw the first pitch. The same when leaving the was great to see all the people cheering Ian on.

A very special thank you to all the people who came to the game to support Ian, to those who took pictures and video and sent them to us.

And the biggest thank you of all to the Casey Cares Foundation and the Baltimore Orioles for allowing Ian to have this honor.

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Anonymous said...

Tamara Jayne Flax So wonderful!

Sandra Huller just read it- AWESOME!!!!! :)

Lara Wynne Amazing experience for you all! So wish we could have been there to cheer him on too.

Lanaye Hoover such an awesome experience!

Dana Brickman Scher Amazing day for Ian and really touching update!