Saturday, August 10, 2013

Camp Simcha Special

Ian has been home for less then a week from Camp Simcha Special and we are back into our routine. Many have asked "how camp was?" It is hard to put into was wonderful. From the ride in the bentley, the helicopter ride, the concerts, photography, woodshop, color war, seeing the men cross the finish line of the bike 4 chai ride (and having one of them give him his metal)...and I can't forget the wonderful staff. 

Dropping Ian off on the 24th of July was hard, we had our meeting with the nurse, the head doctor, the head counselor, the respiratory a tour of the camp, helped unpack Ian, made sure his counselor was okay all of Ian's care. Then it was time to leave, Ian was ready for us to leave, his eyes said it all, "when are you leaving mom and dad"? After I kissed him good bye, I quickly walked out of the dining hall, not turning back because if I  would have I may have left him there.

Ian did spend a little bit of time in the infirmary for dehydration; after a day of iv  fluids, he was good to go; however he asked to spend the next night in the infirmary...why you ask, because of the big screen tv. There was another stay in the infirmary for about 15 hours...for diarrhea (sorry if too much information). The medical staff, along with his counselor, Danny, did an amazing job taking care of him and keeping us updated.

We had our moments of home sickness, which got us some phone calls home. Happy mommy, daddy and Becca. After the first time, Danny knew what his face looked like when the home sickness hit and was able to manage it, sending us a message that they would be calling later. Knowing that Ian felt better after hearing our voices, made is feel better as well.

He has mentioned something about camp everyday since he has been home. We could not have asked for a better experience for him, especially with how  2013 started out.

Thank you to all of the wonderful staff of Camp Simcha Special, we are so glad you are a part of our village.

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Anonymous said...

Monique Erdos-Gertner So happy!

Scot Lippenholz Awesome update!

Tamara Jayne Flax So happy that he had a great time! Happy that he's home with you.

Amy Eisenberg Samay It sounds like such a wonderful camp!