Monday, October 21, 2013

Saturday/Sunday October 19th/20th

All is good. Saturday and Saturday night, were both great for Ian. He maintained his levels all day and only desated 2 times but recovered quickly without any intervention from nurses.

Becca spent the day with friends at Hershey Park in the Dark (this was already planned before Ian ended up in the hospital) and had a great time....thank you Thomas's for taking her.

Thank you to my parents, Nana and Pop, for canceling their plans on Saturday night to sit with Ian in the hospital so Brian and I could go out for our 15th Anniversary. It was nice to be out and know Ian and Becca were in good my best friend...I love you and am looking forward to more of our journey, for the next 15 and 15 and 15 years.

Ian came home on Sunday...yea....home sweet home, last night was a good night with only desating once with a quick recover without any interventions from his nurse. Today he is hanging at home, taking it easy. I am waiting to speak with the peditrician to know what our next steps are with treatment plans and when he can go back to school.

Thank you to everyone for their love and support over the last week....and thank g-d it was a short and easy stay at Hopkins.

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