Thursday, October 17, 2013

We're back...10 North that is

Well we have spent the day in the ED and now have been moved to a room ...4 times over the past week and a half he has been d-sating at night. Along with increased secretions ... so after being evaluated, some blood work, chest X-ray. Blood work looks good, so does the chest X-ray, it was decided that they would admit him to the floor to see why he is d-sating at night. Look at the cool sign in his room...we are off to get a good night sleep...

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Anonymous said...

Kelly Ann <3

Samantha Gitli Schaefer Please let us know if you need anything at all. Our love to Ian and all of you.

Miriam Leibowitz Golob Thinking of you...please let me know if you need anything.

Audrey D Kline Sorry to see this, Marci. Always here if you need to talk. Love to all of you.

Nancie Leibowitz Thinking of you! xoxoxo

Stephanie Leibowitz Weinstein Xoxo

Helene Chupnick-Blankfeld Sorry. Hope this is resolved quickly.

Irina Brusilovsky Goldsmith Hugs!

Wendi Leibowitz Kaplan You all are in our thoughts.

Denise Zemlak Beveridge Prayers! Hope he comes home soon!

Ellen Dunn Davies You are all in my prayers!

Annelise Sullivan It's nice that they welcome him back, even nicer if they can send him home soon. Prayers for you all.

Valerie Sanford Sending good thoughts your way.

Monique Erdos-Gertner Miss seeing him today. Get better soon. Thinking of you guys!

Kendra Bober Big hugs and our warmest thoughts to you all!!

Faith Suzanne Thinking about all of you!

Helen Weisman Dagilis Thinking of you all !

Sheryl Levy Mowrey Hope he gets better soon....please let me know if you need anything at all....thinking of you all!!!
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Mindy Hammerman Lipsey Thinking of you and hope Ian comes home soon

Alexandra Kaplan Pratz Sending love and prayers from the Kaplan cousins xoxo

Shelly Thompson Thinking of you!!

Karen Unger Frazier Send my little friend my love!

Lanaye Hoover Thinking of you all! Hope Ian can come home soon!!

Michelle Kampler Schwartz Hang, hang, hang in there. <3 and hugs...

Lisa Reid Miller Prayers for you all! Hope you all are home soon!

Gina Cohen Give my little super hero a big hug from me please. If there's anything i can do, please ask. Prayers & love to all of you.

Benjamin Levey Thinking of you all. Lots of positive thoughts and prayers for all.

Kellie Holmes Hope this is a just a short stay.

Carrie Levin Weitzman Thinking of you and praying for Ian!

Kristin Howlett Mazzarese Thoughts and prayers to you!

Sherri Sibel Thomas Thinking of ALL of you my strong friend!!

Jacqueline Cohen Thinking about you guys!

Sandra Chupnick Great news hope it stays this way.