Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hopkins - Day 9

Rounds this morning were good. It was decided Ian would be discharge in the morning. So all good things must come to an end... the IV blew this evening... I guess it agreed that it was time for him to come home. The treatment plan is still up in the air as the on call pulmonary M.D. was waiting to talk to Ian's main pulmonary doctor. So tomorrow morning after taking Becca to school, it is to Hopkins I go to bring the boys home. Tomorrow night we all get to sleep under the same roof. 

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Anonymous said...

Karen Unger Frazier Home sounds good! I Miss seeing his face in school!

Marci Weinberg Scher Karen Frazier, we are starting home and hospital. Won't be back to school for a while.

Karen Unger Frazier I figured..but the idea that he is home with his family makes me happy.. When he is settled and ready for visitors let us know..

Marci Weinberg Scher Karen Frazier I will

Ellen Dunn Davies Please give me a ring if I can help in any way!

Gina Cohen So happy to hear some good news.

Michelle Kampler Schwartz I like this news....

Nancy Polack Kaplan Hope he stays well and you'll enjoy the holidays. Gid bless you all.

Michelle Kampler Schwartz Even though I know....there are benefits to being home...and other benefits to being in a hospital. <3 <3