Monday, November 25, 2013

As Thanksgiving and Hanukkah Approach

Thanksful for so many things it is hard to know where to start. While we have good and bad days, some really good and some really bad, we could not get through them without everyone in our village. Regardless of what role you play in our village,  we are thankful for you.
I am thankful for every day we get to have as a family of 4, for all the laughs,  all the memories,  all the fights,  for all the frustrated moments; because we have them together. I may not be so grateful for some of those times while we are in the moment but I have learned to look back on them and be grateful for them.
Part of Hanukkah, deals with the miracle of the oil lasting 8 days when it shouldn't have...our miracles are Becca and Ian and everyday we get with them.
Our forever hands, Becca and Ian holding hands.


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Anonymous said...

Lisa Goldberg Burgunder Did Beth do that? It's awesome!

Connie Rosenthal Berman Beautiful!

Michelle Kampler Schwartz LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

Angie Mann What a great idea! The hands are beautiful!

Alison E Pascucci Love it.

Monique Erdos-Gertner How did I do this hand project? Beautiful!

Sherri Sibel Thomas LOVE this and ALL OF YOU!!

Jennifer Koziar Frisch I think it came out perfect! Something to treasure forever.

Carye George Everett That was a beautiful message. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!

Amy Eisenberg Samay Those hands are amazing! I could barely dip my kids baby feet in a mold correctly. Wow!