Monday, January 27, 2014

It's About Becca 2

I am very proud of Becca and her Girl Scout sisters...they donated more then 80 boxes of Girl Scout cookies to the Community Crisis Center...way to go girls.

Becca also realizes what she needs to do in order to help keep Ian healthy. Last night she started with a cough, which is still working on her. When she got home from school, I did not even need to remind her to stay away from Ian, she told me she was going to stay away. In addition, when I got home from my work meeting tonight she was wearing a mask around the house. I asked Brian if he told her to and he said nope she got one herself and started wearing it...I wish I did not need to be proud of her for needing to know these things but since I do and they are a part of our lives...way to go beautiful....very proud of you. You are becoming a wonderful young lady. We may not know the reasons we go thru the things we do...just take them all as they come and continue to learn from them, let them help you to become who you are. 

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Anonymous said...

Jennifer Larsen Orlando You have 2 amazing kids! 💕

Marlene Ettlin You should be proud of her!!!!!! And she's adorable.

Michelle Kampler Schwartz <3

Mark Brodinsky Way to go Becca. You have many reasons to be proud.

Tamara Jayne Flax You are raising wonderful children!