Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Thursday, December 26

Thursday morning, Brian, Stephanie and Becca went to Animal Kingdom while Ian and I hung out at the condo. The 3 f them had a great time at Animal Kingdom seeing the animals and such. Ian and I had a great time having mommy and son time. The one on one time was great, he was hanging out in bed, told me to turn off the TV and sit on the bottom of his bed. Becca has been working on a latch hook and she said that Ian and I could work on it while they were gone. Ian did great at making sure the right colors were being used in the right places. 

The afternoon was spent just hanging out at the condo before heading down to Epcot. We had taken down a "bubbie cart" to carry all of Ian's medical supplies around with us during the day....well on Thursday, it decided it was you can see, Becca is carrying one of the wheels and the one still on the cart is a little out of added much laughter to the day.

We had dinner in China, did a little bit of walking around, ran in the wonderful friends....the Frisch's who also happened to be down that week. It was cool to spend sometime with them there and for the kids to be able to go on a ride together. As many of you know Ian enjoys have to be careful what you put in his mouth, Brian decided that if he wanted something to bite while we were waiting for dinner to arrive, he could have a straw.

Then it was time for the Illuminations show. It was amazing....incredibly difficult to take pictures. The kids faces were priceless. It was a late night but worth it.

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