Saturday, January 4, 2014

Wednesday, December 25

Hollywood Studios here we come...our destination for Wednesday, December 25th. It was not as packed as I thought it would be, that was a good thing. We mostly did shows and walking around. Brian and I got to do the Rock and Roll roller coaster while Stephanie hung out with the kids. Brian, Becca and Stephanie went on a ride as well. Seeing the kids faces during the shows as fantastic and priceless. The best was the Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show. Watching the cars and motorcycles as well as the others was incredible.
Check out the car in mid air...

 This is a person on fire, interesting to learn how they safely do it.

The car is jumping threw the fire, pretty cool. 

This is all the cars, motorcycles and people who were in the show. 

Even got a visit for Lighting McQueen for him to be in the show

After the stunt show, we went to see Fantasmic. Pictures were extremely difficult to get of this show, so we just have to hold onto our memories for that one.

One of the other great things we got to do for Ian on this trip was to get him into a tub without the shower chair. The tub in the condo was a huge jacuzzi tub so one of us could get in and have Ian lean on us while someone else got in to bath him. It was wonderful for Ian as he has not bee in a bath like that in a long time. He loved having the jets on and us moving his arms and legs around. Another priceless memory. Check out that we saw a lot during the week. 

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Anonymous said...

Annelise Sullivan Everyone loves a jacuzzi.

Amy Eisenberg Samay Those smiles are priceless!

Scot Lippenholz Good post, but the pic of Brian..... ummm there's somethings you can't unsee!

Marci Weinberg Scher Scot Lippenholz I had to, it was the moment.

Sherri Sibel Thomas Absolutely love Ian's smile!!!