Monday, February 10, 2014

Dates - Do They Mean Something?

April 22, 1997 - Marci Weinberg and Brian Scher got engaged
April 22, 2003  - Becca Jordan Scher and Ian Alexander Scher were born
May 10, 2003 - Becca came home from the hospital
May 11 , 2003 (Mother's Day) Ian came home from the hospital
May 8, 2016 (Mother's Day and Hebrew Birthday) - Bryna Yosefa (Becca Jordan) and Yitzhak Avraham (Ian) will become B'Nei Mitzvah.

Do the dates mean something....I think so without knowing what....

Some of these dates I have known were overlapped, some I think about from time to time...others I don't...this thought was brought up because I got a call from Brian a little bit ago....we have a photo by the phone from the day we got engaged (it is date stamped) he just realized the April 22nd overlap....I decided to do dates mean something?

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