Friday, February 28, 2014


Thank you to all the wonderful people who supported rare disease day today, who have supported us through this journey we have been on for 10 years...Becca said it wonderfully this morning at Chatsworth during the morning announcements....Hi my name is Becca Scher and I'm sure most of you know my brother is Ian Scher. Today is special because it is rare disease day. You will be getting a jeans ribbon to help raise awareness for rare diseases like Ian's. We wanted you all to have these ribbons to let others know about rare diseases, thank you for supporting my family.

Many others were wearing jeans and/or ribbons today in support of rare diseases and Ian.....thank you to all of you.

This was posted on facebook holds true and I thought it was worth sharing today.

One of my wonderful friends and sorority sisters, along with her co-workers put this the hand.....

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Anonymous said...

Bryna Spector Bernstein wore my jeans and my ribbon today - guess i should have stopped in to say hi.

Kendra Bober Awesome Marci (And family); nice pictures, thanks for sharing! Hugs to you all!

Jessica Woolf Dorsey :). Love!!