Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Gift of Life


Henri Landwirth is a Holocaust Survivor...because of his life experience through that time and his partnerships with Disney World along with his franchise with Holiday Inn ...and one little girls wish to meet Mickey Mouse (she passed away before her wish could be fulfilled), GIVE KIDS THE WORLD was born.

The following are quotes from Mr. Landwirth's book which really struck me.

  • We are, after all, connected to this life through love and caring. reaching out to others is what makes life a life.  --Henri Landwirth
  • One of the secrets of being successful is to follow through with a good idea. A lot of people have good ideas, but instead of acting upon them, they talk about them and don't do anything. You have to have enough faith in yourself to believe in your ideas and to act upon them. If you fail, so what? It is much better to fail than not to try at all. In fact, I'd much rather do something, than talk about doing it.  --Henri Landwirth
  • The world around us is seldom seen in black and white. Things are just not that simple.   --Henri Landwirth
  • I was always try to do things instead of talk about them. So much energy can be wasted worrying about the exact way to do something. I think it is better to begin and adapt along the way. Learn from your mistakes, but keep moving forward.   --Henri Landwirth
  • We make a living of what we get and we make a life by what we give. --Winston Churchill
He talks about his experiences in depth; which help you to understand why he feels the way he does about things. When you have a passion for something and the need is there, it makes it easier to advocate and ideas are born. Find your passion, advocate....THE GIFT OF LIFE.

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