Monday, March 10, 2014

The Funny Little Man

This is a bunch of things Ian has done over time...I started this entry for me to be able to remember some of the funny things he does. We all know our kids do things and we want to remember them, well knowing Ian will eventually pass, I wanted to make sure I had them. So here we go.

At the book fair, 2013, he saw some pens he wanted. His nurse told him she would let me know. When she asked what he would do with them he saidwould write/color with them. We were hoping he would forget about them, for those of you who know Ian well, know that was not really going to happen. First thing the next morning, back at school he said he wanted the pens. Then he saw a diary. His nurse asked him what he would do with it, he said write in it with my pens….have to love him. Yes I am sucker and told her to get them for him. All he wants to do is be like everyone else…and we still have the pens and diary, he still tells us to write in it from time to time.

One morning I got a phone call from the nurse about 5 minutes after the bus was to arrive at school, asking me if I had left the house yet...nope I had not. She proceeded to tell me that Ian was if we never feed him. Just to make sure everyone is aware, yes he does eat breakfast before going to school. So he was asked what he wanted, his response, "I don't know",...REALLY...this response should not have surprised me, as 9 out of 10 times this is his response. Usually we begin to list off options to him and his answer..."NO, NO, NO, NOPE". Well lucky for him today the first thing we asked he said "YES". So in my car, off to school before heading to work to make sure the STARVING little man had something else to eat. It's a good thing for him we only live about a mile from school.

Lately one of his favorite sayings is "it is not going to happen." or "Awkward".

One night we were having a family game night, I spilled some water. Ian looked at Brian and said "get over it". Also related to me spilling the water, Becca looks at Brian and says "lick it", well she was holding one of her Barbies and it was bent over while she was saying this....thank goodness they did not get it. We all had some good laughs that night. Brian's response to both of the kids was so glad "my kids love me."

Ian told the Gilchrist nurse that he was going to starve to death while his lunch was being made. Meanwhile his day nurse was making his lunch but he was "starving". There are worse ways to go....

One day, he got a bed bath, he told this nurse that it was the best idea ever...getting a bed bath instead of actually getting in the bath.

Cheese balls, that is what he wanted to a snack. Well we were out of them and I informed Ian that he was the one he actually finished them. That did not seem to matter to him and the looks he gave me...priceless. Thank goodness peapod was due to deliver the next day or we all would have been in trouble. Actually maybe not, just a run to the store would have been made. 

Brian was feeding Ian lunch, he put the plate on Ian's arm for a minute. Ian looks at Brian and says, "Daddy, my arm is getting tired." "From what buddy?" Brian asked. "Holding the plate" says Ian. Really the plate had been on his arm for a few minutes at most.

This winter we were in the van going back to the condo from Epcot. We wanted to make sure that Ian was doing okay, so Brian says, "Ian cluck once if you are still with us." We heard nothing, so I turned the flashlight on my phone on to see if he was still awake...what do I see....Ian with his eyes closed trying real hard not to smile...busted little man. 

Every morning I go over Ian's schedule with him and the nurse. One day after telling him his schedule and who was coming over for the day, he says ok that should work. That night I told Brian what he said. Brian asked him if we needed to get him a personal assistant to keep his busy schedule in order. His response, nope I have mommy. Boy, good think I love him. Most parents are their kids schedule keepers....but come on, really.   

I will be starting another post with funny things the kids do. For the most part Becca is not so funny she just has the preteen attitude. We love her just as much as we love him.

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Anonymous said...

Meagan Blizzard 3 years ago when we all went camping Ian was "scaring" Uncle Jim when he looked at Ian through a pair of binoculars. It was hilarious, Ian was having so much fun scaring Mr. Jim :)

Samantha Gitli Schaefer The first time I met Ian was at Camp Milldale. I was picking Zach up early from the nurses office as he wasn't feeling well. We were just getting ready to head home when Ian came in with Zach's sunglasses. He insisted that the counselor help him bring them to Zach before he went home to make sure nothing happened to them. So sweet and thoughtful! Zach has always thought Ian to be one of the nicest kids he knows :)

Danny Trestman Ian brought me to tears while in Camp Simcha Special this past summer i had a headache during an activity and i asked Ian if i can go get some Tylenol little did i know that i was getting ready to have a life changing experience and that i would be forever grateful to him. he told me with all the strength he had. "Ive had many times that im in alot of pain but i dont let it ruin what im doing. I fight through it all the time. this time you can also" My headache was gone so fast and i had no more pain anywhere in my body the rest of our amazing summer.

Annelise Sullivan Wow, Danny. Ian was one of Carrie's first friends she made in kindergarten and they rode the bus together, too. I remember her telling me he was so nice, and he had a cool sister, too.

Allyson Surasky Brooks Boating in Annapolis with the Brooks family! ... Summer 2012.