Saturday, March 15, 2014

Weekend of Fun

This weekend started off with us going to Medieval Times, complements Casey Cares Organization...we had a wonderful time. The kids loved seeing the horses and the fighting. The bird flying around the arena was incredible, the training that goes into all the animals.  Of course we were on the BLUE team, no he did not win...but that is okay, we loved watching him. Becca was lucky enough to get a flower from the blue night and she was thrilled. The staff at Medieval Times helped us in any way they could so our experience was wonderful. Seeing the kids faces while everything was going on along with beg able to share the experience with my parents was great. At the end of the evening, the kids wanted to meet the knights and have their pictures taken with them...
Saturday was Girl Scout Shabbat and Becca and I want to Chizuk Amuno to celebrate. We have not been to synagogue in a long time and it was nice to be able to experience it with her. Later that day Brian took Becca and a friend to the being able to give her some special time. Ian and I stayed home and watched a movie on TV. During our time watching the movie, I told Ian that he was being a pain in my tuchas (TOO-khas)...he looked at me and said that sounds like a made up word. Made up word, no Ian it is a Yiddish word which for buttocks. 
Sunday it was time to go to Turkey Hill Experience with Girl Scouts. The morning started off well. As the drive there was good as well. We were starting our experience and Ian started having some breathing issues. His saturation levels did not drop but he was tugging and needing lots of suctioning. We got some stuff out but there was more we were not getting. We decided to put him on some oxygen and head home. Becca stayed with her Girl Scout friends and enjoyed the rest of the experience with them. Once home we got Ian situated on his home ventilator and humidification system and he's doing fine.

 The drive home for me brought out some emotions. Made me realize more and more just how much I HATE VRK1....FU VRK1. Just one more thing we had to miss out on sharing as a family because of more thing we could not spend time with Becca during because of more thing. We try so hard to be "normal" regardless of what that is, but VRK1 can have other plans for us...having to except that stinks (I would like to use other words but won't). We try so hard to not let reality get to us, to not dwell on the reality but on some days, some moments, it just not matter, VRK1 is right there in our face saying ha, ha...well today was one of those days when I let it win for a little I am done letting it win for the rest of the day and I am saying FU VRK1, we are going to enjoy the little bit of weekend we have left.

Remember....TREASURE yesterday, DREAM of tomorrow, LIVE today.

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Anonymous said...

Marlene Ettlin Sorry that you had a rough day. Tomorrow will be better. Glad that Becca got to enjoy her outing. 😀😀

Stephanie Rabinowitz Great post, together and only together will we be strong and get through days like these!

Carye George Everett It was nice seeing smiles on everyone's faces. You know I totally understand how you feel. I am here for you when ever you need me.

Amy Eisenberg Samay I like your "FU VRK1". I think it would make a great t-shirt or bumper sticker, or music video. Hang in there!

Michelle Kampler Schwartz Stay strong...Hoping for easier days ahead. Agree w/ FU-VRK1!