Wednesday, March 12, 2014


They did not know each other but there was a connection. It started with Ian seeing a photo of friends Zaching...Ian turning to Brian and asking him to help him Zaching. To Ian's photo of him Zaching being shared...there was a connection. Hard to explain but from stories that were shared with us you just know.
From us sharing some of Zach's story with Ian and his response of "that sucks" to some of Ian's story being shared with Zach and Zach smiling when he heard they would met one day. There was a connection. To Ian receiving a Zaching shirt and insisting on wearing it for his school photo. There was a day.
Rest in peace Zach 

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Anonymous said...

Karen Unger Frazier I love the school pics..and I didn't know about Zaching until yesterday..what an amazing boy.

Annelise Sullivan I'm sorry for the world's loss. Sounds like a great young man. They will meet, but hopefully not anytime soon. We're not finished with Ian here, yet.

Amy Sody-Dardick We have a "Zaching" t-shirt...

Marci Weinberg Scher Amy Sody-Dardick so do we. Please tell Andrew we said hi

Amy Sody-Dardick Hey Marci - Andrew will be home tomorrow for spring break. I'm sure you'll hear from him. He's been working really hard...

Marci Weinberg Scher Thanks Amy. We would love to hear from him and hopefully see him.