Monday, April 28, 2014

Five Days of Birthday Celebration

Five days we celebrated the kids birthday... On Saturday night we went out to dinner with the family to celebrate, not just the twins birthday but others in the family...Happy Birthday Nana, Josh, Me, and Mackenzie. We had a great time. 

Sunday morning started off with our annual Easter Egg hunt with our neighbors, Mr. Mark and Ms. was great, the kids always have a great time looking for the eggs but an even better time with the surprises inside the eggs. After the hunt, Nana, Pop, Aunt Susan, Mackenzie, Josh and Devin along with Ms. Mary, Mr. Mark, Luke and Stephanie came over for some ice cream and cake. A special shout out to Icing Smiles and their wonderful volunteers for the kids "Frozen" birthday cake.

Monday was still spring break so both kids each had a friend over for pizza, ice cream and cake. So glad that Ryan and Jillian were able to join us. 

Tuesday, the actual birthday, it was time to go back to school. So we took donuts into school for their classes to celebrate their birthday as well as Earth Day. It was great to see all the kids enjoying them.

Wednesday night, some of our wonderful friends from Chai Lifeline threw a backyard bonfire party for the kids. Assembled the Avengers!

I would say the kids brought in their 11th year with a bang. Thank you to everyone for making it a special one...all I can say from Brian and I is the tween years have begun.

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