Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy 11th birthday

It is hard to believe it has been 11 years since you both came in to this world... 11 years. We had no idea what we were in for that day. What a ride it has been... Watching Becca and Ian grow into the wonderful tweens they are have given both Brian and I such joy. The way they have handled our journey, supporting each other, loving each other, realizing we don't know what tomorrow will be. Oh and yes they do fight, yell at each other...even say they hate each other from time to time, but then comes back the love they have for each other, making sure the other is ok no matter what is going on.. Oh the love of siblings, twins.

3 weeks old

Happy 1st Birthday
The twins turn 2!
3rd birthday, crawling thru a tunnel
Who knows what he is doing but he is the big "3"
Happy 4th birthday Becca and Ian
March For Babies Walk....Happy 5th Birthday!

 Happy 6th birthday Ian and Becca - Fire Station Party and Princess Party. Just what they wanted.

Chuck E Cheese for a Happy 7th Birthday for Becca and Ian

Happy 8th birthday

Ravens Training Camp 2012 Happy 9th Birthday 
And Happy 10th...what a year it was....

This brings us to today....Happy 11th Birthday to our beautiful wonderful children...we love you with all our hearts.

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Anonymous said...

Jennifer Paradise Baker happy birthday!

Denise Winegard Kremnitzer Happy Birthday Becca and Ian :)

Tamara Jayne Flax Happy Birthday Becca and Ian!

Bryna Spector Bernstein Happy Birthday Ian and Becca. What truely amazing journey you are on. Keep making your parents proud.

Erika Agetstein Buchdahl Love u all!! Can't wait to celebrate Thursday night. :-)

Elena Lucini French Happy birthday, Ian and Becca!!

Samantha Gitli Schaefer Love the pictures! Happy Birthday Ian and Becca πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽ‚

Danielle Houseal Happy Birthday Becca and Ian!

Jennifer Larsen Orlando Happy Birthday Ian and Becca!

Melissa Werner Thank you for sharing Marci! And happy birthday to you and Brian too!!!!

Anne Polakoff King Wonderful trip down memory lane. Happy Birthday, Becca & Ian.

Karen Unger Frazier Happy birthday Ian and Becca! Xoxo

Sherie Bober Rubin Happy birthdaysπŸŽ‚πŸ°πŸ«

Michelle Levine Davis Happy Birthday!

Julie Berman Katz Happy birthday to Ian and Becca and happy BIRTHday to you ( and Brian of course)

Annelise Sullivan Beautiful!

Helen Weisman Dagilis Happy birthday Becca & Ian!!

Melissa Steinberg-Marasia Happy birthday to your beautiful children.

Gina Cohen HBD Becca & Ian. Loved scrolling thru all the pics of past years.

Jodi Postol Happy birthday Becca and Ian!! I'm proud to be a part of your village! XOXO

Connie Rosenthal Berman Happy Birthday Becca and Ian! Xoxo

Harry Blacker Nice birthday photos. love to all. HAPPY BIRTHDAY IAN & BECCA!!!!!!

Nancy Miller Levine Happy birthday Ian and Becca!

Kellie Holmes Happy birthday, Ian and Becca. !!!!!

Leslie Kapper Sands Happy Birthday Becca and Ian!

Andy Cooper Happy Birthday Becca and Ian! Hoping it's magical!

Maureen Jack Herban happy birthday Ian and Becca. I hope they had a wonderful day!!!

Sheryl Levy Mowrey Happy Birthday to Ian and Becca.....hope they had a great day.....xoxox

Michelle Kampler Schwartz Happy Birthday to all 4 of you! Love love the pictures! Thanks for sharing...