Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Lonsmen Ride

Today was one of those days to put down in the books. After months of preparation, emails, phone calls and meetings; signals was here. Thru Tzvi Haber of Chai Lifeline and Mark Lobel of the ,Lonsmen motorcycle club, Ian got a ride. It was not just a ride, it was approximately 20 bikes and one with a side car. It was all about Ian, regardless of how long he could manage...the Lonsmen came out ready to ride. After getting Ian into the side car, along with me (yes for those of you who know me...I rode)...we were off. Brian followed in the van with all the equipment ready to pull over if needed. We made it about 20 minutes and it was time to head back home, Ian had done well...but the wind in his face along with the bumping of trach, he was done. 

Once back at our house, lunch was had by all, conversations had, high fives to Ian...the men smoked cigars and then it was time for the Lonsmen to have their ride...along with Brian. Good-byes were said, more photos taken, more people in our village...the Lonsmen are an amazing group of people who gave of themselves today...for that we will forever be grateful. 


Chavi Abramson said...

Tzvi Haber- you inspire me with your determination! So glad Ian had this experience!

Anonymous said...

I was honered to be a part of Ian's very special day. The membera of the Lonsman & their friends Edwards & Melba, who provided to bike with the sidecar, are some very special & amazing souls.

Anonymous said...

It will be a day forever etched in the minds and hearts of all the Lonsmen and their spouses who participated in this memorable ride. The Schers and Tzvi Haber are certainly people who have made a difference in this world! IGG

Anonymous said...

Your family is such an inspiration. It was an honor and privilege to spend the day with your family. Thank you for welcoming us into your home.

Anonymous said...

Elena Lucini French Wow! How awesome for all of you!!

Michelle Kampler Schwartz THAT. IS. INCREDIBLY. AMAZING!!!! WAIT - Are you guys bikers now?????

Michelle Kampler Schwartz Tzvi Haber - You are pretty amazing, too!

Marci Weinberg Scher Michelle Kampler Schwartz....if we had more time we would be...or what maybe one day we will be.

Michelle Kampler Schwartz I never would have guessed!!

Sherri Asher Awesome!!!

Annelise Sullivan Amazing!

Michelle Rosen Heyman Love it!

Dean Millman That's awesome Marci. The Lonsmen are a great group of riders. Love to your family from Donna and I....and a double thumbs up to Ian.

Sharon Ziman That's great! So special for Ian.

Alicia Katznelson Broth How terrific is that! So happy for Ian!

Samantha Gitli Schaefer How fun!! Glad you all enjoyed such a fabulous day!

Tamara Jayne Flax so nice

Lisa Gold Caplan Love to hear happy and good things!